This hit me different

Back in 2013 I was chosen to begin a career as a Communication Specialist at a local police department. The application process was grueling, you had to have written and mailed references, polygraph, you name it, to even make it through the process. Somehow I made it. For those that aren’t familiar with the law-enforcement world, a communication specialist is a dispatcher for police fire and in some agencies EMS as well. Along with protecting officers on the radio channels, we were responsible for handling 100% of the 911 calls that came into the city. It was our job and our duty to protect. We are known as the thin, gold line. We are the information center, and we are the brains of the operation; the knowing voices that sat behind the radios and guarded.But ultimately, we just took care of each other. And today I found that bond to be ceaseless.

On this freezing October morning, I went to work at a local coffee shop. I’m the newest member, and also still learning, so my job was to work the drive-through window. It felt like the more the sun came up the colder it got. As I was taking payments and handed out orders, a familiar face suddenly was in front of me, my next customer. He and I had worked together man, many nights when he worked on platoon. We didn’t always see eye to eye, but I took care of him on the radio the same as any other officer. As I went to take his money for his breakfast, he handed me five $20 bills. I was shocked. He knew I needed it. My face probably looked insane because never in a million years did I think this would happen to me. I said, “Thank you so much.” He said, “I wanted to. It’s no problem.” I was wholeheartedly stunned that he handed me $l00. For a minute I was confused, then it completely hit me; real family, takes care of real family. This hit me different; I have never once in my life felt deserving of anything good. I still have mixed feelings about good things that happen to me. It’s like I’m waiting for the other show to drop at some point. I’m hopeful this part of trauma ends for me at some point. Either way, today was a really great day, and I’m ecstatic to share it with y’all.


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