You’ll waste a perfectly good life standing on the edge, when the most beautiful thing you can do is take the jump

Why, as humans, are we scared of change? We stay in our comfort zones to protect ourselves from pain. But as we all know, change is inevitable it’s some thing that’s completely necessary, that we need to accept an order for us to grow into our higher selves. When we were born into this world as an infant, we adapted automatically to the environment around us. We might’ve came out kicking and screaming but as we are bathed, swaddled, and held for the first time ,and get that first human connection in the physical world, we adapt.

As adults, we like to avoid adapting to change, because it takes us out of our comfort zones. It takes us, and puts in front of fear and pain, whether we like it or not. So how do we overcome the fear to remove ourselves from our comfort zone so we can change and grow? While thinking about this question, remember this: no amount of guilt can change the past, and no amount of anxiety can change the future. Worrying about tomorrow will not change the outcome. The only thing it will change is the peace you have today.

It has taken me so long to grasp this concept as an adult. I found my comfort zone, and remain comfortable to prevent myself from experiencing any other emotion besides pleasure. We seem to chase after pleasure, when we know some thing is going to be painful, to replace the feeling. And nine times out of ten, whatever it is we do to replace the pain, comes with consequences that are not in alignment with our higher path. Ultimately, we have two choices, and we should always go with the one that scares us the most. The one that scares us the most is the choice that will change us, and help us grow into our higher self.

Pay attention to the subtle shifts you feel. Everybody knows when it’s time for something new, or something needs to change in their life. We don’t always act upon this feeling, but it’s there letting us know, “Hey, it’s time to do something different.” When you release that old, stagnant feeling of your comfort zone, you clear the path for what awaits you. The universe always has something great in store for your life. We have to learn to trust the process. Know that life does not take from us anything, unless there is something imminently awaiting its replacement. Remember this: a ship is safe in its harbor, but that’s not why ships were built.

Sometimes all you have to do is go for it. Just take a real deep breath and jump. You can spend the rest of your life, standing on the edge, anticipating the cold of the water. And you will always find a reason not to jump in. It’s too high, it might hurt, it’s going to be really cold, but these things are just barriers in your mind. You’ll waste a perfectly good life standing on the edge, when the most beautiful thing you can do is take the jump.

If you really want to change your life, and get on the correct path to a higher level of consciousness and self, check out the books I’ve listed below. They will help change your perspective on how you view yourself and the world. They will help eliminate destructive thinking, and get you thanking in a more positive vibrant way. Thanks to everyone for all of the support.


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