If we want to be set free, we have to do the damn work

Staring in the face of your own shadow will tell you more about yourself than you ever thought you’d know. Looking directly at its face, and gazing into your darkest places holds more enlightenment than one might think. I have neglected my shadow for so long. I suppressed its existence because I was embarrassed of my flaws. But your shadow is the only thing that can reveal who you truly are, and level the playing field between it, and your true self. Pay attention to your shadow and what it says to you.

If you aren’t familiar with “shadow work,” and you are focusing on healing, my biggest piece of advice is to give your shadow some attention. For those of you that still ignore your shadow, or even pretend like it’s non-existent, you will continue to struggle internally until you address it. If you are looking for inner peace, you won’t find it by scrolling through your Instagram feed while attempting to pick up on inspirational and motivational quotes. You will have to go to war with yourself and confront yourself with your deepest traumas, insecurities, fears, and doubts. The ugly, dark parts of you have a right to exist. They have a need to be heard, and they even deserve your love. This is how we become whole again.

As I started the process of doing my shadow work, I noticed past experiences and situations being pulled out of me as if they were begging to be noticed and acknowledged. It’s like looking in the mirror, and all you see is everything you hate about yourself. It’s everything you’re scared of, and everything that’s holding you back from becoming your true, wholesome self. It’s saying, “ Are you not going to check on me? Are you not going to include me in your life. I feel rejected and ignored. I feel fearful and embarrassed.” It’s everything that needs to be said, and instead we hide it. We shy away from giving it attention because it’s easier. Because we might have to feel uncomfortable if we address our shadow. If we all took 30 min a day and learned our shadow, and really soaked in what our innermost secrets ar say to us. If we took the time to just listen to something that is part of us, we would be able to face adversity within ourselves. We would be able to conquer the darkness, while standing in the light.

Now this is not easy at all. It requires constant work and courage. It takes a considerable amount of moral effort to become conscious of our shadow. It will challenge your entire ego and personality. One you recognize the dark parts of you as present and real, you then have met your shadow. Again, this isn’t an easy process, and depending on your level of trauma, it could take longer than some. But this isn’t a comparison of anything or anyone, but only of yourself.

So I encourage you, if you’re struggling with self-sabatoge, body image, or anything like this, look to your shadow. Ask it questions. Find out why and what is lurking in the darkness that needs to be confronted. Say, “ Ok shadow, show me what has been so important this whole time. Show me what needs to be brought to light.” Submit, and be totally vulnerable with yourself. Get a journal, and write it down. Burn it if you want. But do the work. If we want to be set free, we have to do the damn work. And that’s just how it is.

Please check out these resources I use below!!

The Shadow Work Journal A Guide to Integrate and Transcend your Shadows

The Shadow Work Workbook Self-Care Exercises for Healing Your Trauma and Exploring Your Hidden Self

Embracing Your Darkness An Intuitive Womans Guide to Empowerment Holistic Healing and Spiritual Growth Through Shadow Work

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