Today I take back my power and no one will stop me

Yesterday I woke up with this heavy, feeling that I needed to leave Texas. Oakley still hasn’t been adjusting that great, and we are both home sick. I also wanted to be able to look at campers and land in person instead looking at pictures online, so I packed up, and me and Oakley hit the road.

We stopped a little more than halfway in Tuscaloosa, AL and spent the night. We woke up this morning, went to the dog park, and we’re now in Cedar Bluff Alabama enjoying the lake life.

My feeling during all of this have been everywhere. I’ve been overwhelmed with all of the decisions involved with making a responsible decision, and scared of making the wrong one.

As I was driving the 11 hours back to Georgia,I had a real heart to heart with myself. I realized that the “old me,” wasn’t getting me anywhere. The old me has been holding me back from becoming who I want to be. I can longer let fear have power over me. And I know I’ve said that before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again, but I am running into what I fear, so that it no longer has control. I am taking back MY power.

Tonight I land in Cartersville, GA, so I can visit the RV outlet and hopefully find my new home. Y’all wish me luck!!


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