I’ve become the chaos amongst settled seas

I’m a prisoner to my thoughts. The noise never stops. I can be in quiet room, or one with sounds everywhere, and they just whirl in my head as if a tornado had just touchdown. I’ve become the chaos amongst settled seas. I cause the turbulence. I am the havoc.

How do you a settle a storm that’s been brewing for years? How do you stop the motions of my madness from moving forward? I wish I could answer this for myself. If I could answer this question, I would fix it. Ive been rejected, ignored and hurt by so many people doing what’s best for their life, so when is it my turn? When do I REALLY get to move on?

I’m not currently getting proper mental health treatment due to the sickness of the system in America. I can’t afford $120 therapy sessions to help me cope with life’s struggles and learn to rebuild. I have been researching Dialectical Behavioral Therapy in Dallas. It would be great for me. It could teach me to cope with life stresses in a healthier way, but it’s $200 a session, with multiple sessions a week lasting at least 12 weeks. I just simply can’t afford it. It’s unfair that there is therapy out there that can help me, and it’s not even assessable. Our country, or some people in our country minimize mental health, and our desperate need for quality treatment. The solution for mental illness in America is to lock you up in a psych ward on involuntary holds for days, then sedate you to the point where nothing matters. It’s repulsive.

I cannot stress to you enough how important it is to go vote this week. Back in June, 20 Republicans in the house voted no for for creating a Behavioral Health Crisis Coordinating Office in the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), which would be tasked with bolstering access to crisis care. The office would receive $5 million per year starting in fiscal year 2023 until fiscal year 2027.

It’s imperative for everyone to go vote and use your voice. Please help support the mental health crisis in America, and let’s change this for the better. Take a stand for mental health in our country.



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